Vishrut Pandya moment capturer based on Gujarat whose passion of photography came from genes with a versatile prodigious experience of two decades covering area starting form leading newspaper freelance photographer for more then 9 years continuing the experience along with areas as Destination wedding diary maker covering event like pre wedding shoot, post wedding shoot, has a strong skill in documentary shoot , National and international business conferences and meets, industrial documentary shoot and also customized product shoot as well as architectural shoots.

A person who believes photos are not only clicked by eyes and lenses it is a feeling form heart that falls in lenses and click of picture is the result. Who believes results should be creative, timeless, romantic, fun , elegant , and emotional. Who thinks its not proud to be a photographer but an artist creating unique and expressive imagery. It is story of love, emotion, family and promises.

His nature is calm, professional and also adores nature. He thinks if the customer is satisfied with work then it gives a feel of proud to his heart. A person who has dedicated his life for photography and if he is able to fulfill the demand and expectation of the customer then it will be bestest reward for him.

A person who believes professional photographer can never be about techniques, equipment, cameras or lenses it is an art to be driven by passion and sculptured with love and finished with care.

For him it was his passion in sincerest form of expression and this passion has not given rest and always provoked to learn and upgrade skills technologies for enabling to represent in most inspiring light.

“To me it is art of observation finding something extraordinary at ordinary location. Photograph to me takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still
Today’s everything exists to end in a photograph.”